About Us

Hello! I’m the heart and soul behind Housengrow.com, a hub for everyone who shares the same passion for the art of gardening, house decoration, and maintenance.

I am Lillian Hayes, an ordinary woman living in the beautiful United States. But I am far from ordinary when it comes to my passion for gardening, house maintenance, and decoration. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been drawn to our homes’ nurturing and design aspects. I believe that our homes and gardens are not just spaces but are living, breathing entities that need love, care, and a touch of creativity.

With a decade-long experience in house decoration, my hands have gotten dirty with soil more times than I can count, and I’ve spent countless hours experimenting with styles and elements to bring a fresh look to every corner of my home. My passion has evolved into a profession, and I’ve managed to turn the homey atmosphere and thriving gardens I’ve always dreamt of into a reality.

Housengrow.com is my little corner of the internet where I share my knowledge, experience, and passion for all things home and garden. I aim to empower others to roll up their sleeves, get their hands dirty, or pick up a paintbrush and transform their surroundings into a space that reflects their personality.

From tips and tricks on keeping your garden in full bloom all year round to step-by-step guides on DIY home projects, you’ll find a wealth of knowledge here on Housengrow.com. It’s not just about making a house look pretty; it’s about creating a space that feels like home. A space that soothes your soul and fills your heart with joy.

I’m always open to hearing your stories, answering your queries, and helping you transform your house into a home and your garden into a haven. Feel free to contact me at uidesigr@gmail.com, and I promise I’ll do my best to provide a solution to your inquiries and share in your home and garden adventures.

Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you leave Housengrow.com feeling inspired and ready to embrace your creative side. Remember, your house and garden are canvases – and you’re the artist!

Looking forward to growing together,

Lillian Hayes

Founder, Housengrow.com